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Credit Counselling
Credit Counselling

Are you facing debt that is overwhelming? Do you need credit card debt help? Anyone can find themselves in the middle of unmanageable debt at some point in their lives. Family and Credit Counselling Services provides assistance and solutions through consumer credit counselling to the community of York Region and the GTA. Debt could be a result of unexpected illness, accident, job loss, a broken relationship, divorce, over-reliance on credit cards or circumstances beyond our control. Credit Counselling will help you consolidate credit card debt, as well as other forms of unsecured debt, and will assist and support you as you take back control of your financial situation.




What is Credit Counselling?


Credit counselling and debt counselling are one in the same. Both are focused on helping to educate you on budgeting and money management while at the same time offering you a practical solution to your immediate challenges with debt through debt consolidation.


How Does it Work?


We start by reviewing your unsecured debt load. Unsecured means there is no collateral, such as a car or home that can be repossessed if you default on the debt. We also work with you to review your monthly expenses and income from all sources and help you create a budget that is manageable and realistic. Once we have done this we decide, with you, on a course of action to achieve your financial freedom and stability in the shortest timeframe possible. Our credit card debt consolidation programs are tailored to your current financial situation in order to find the best possible solution to lower your monthly payments and help you achieve peace of mind.  We are highly experienced in delivering credit & debt management services for over 40 years and have administrated over $500 million in debts.  Our debt consolidation programs are custom tailored to your current financial situation to help you pay back your debts as quickly as possible, under terms that you can afford. Unlike other consumer credit counselling or debt consolidation service we work for your best interests and not those of the creditors. Our debt consolidation services will:


·         Eliminate interest

·         Consolidate debt and reduce your payments to one convenient and manageable monthly payment

·         End Creditor and Collection Agency harassment

·         Stop Late and Over-the-Limit Fees

·         Manage all Debts

·         Provide ongoing debt counselling



Our Credit Counsellors Make the Difference


All of our counsellors and support staff are fully qualified and trained to ensure confidential, respectful and attentive service in order to provide you with the best possible solutions to getting you out of debt. The debt management program provided by our creditor-recognized service is the best option for you to avoid bankruptcy and financial stress. Family and Credit Counselling will provide you with all the tools and resources you need and will help prioritize and allocate your money throughout the program. In order to ensure your success our credit counsellors will provide you with a free budget analysis and recommendations. Our counsellors will also provide you with ongoing support throughout the program and once you enlist in our debt management program we are available to help you stay on target and consolidate debt towards the goal of becoming debt free.


With a consumer debt consolidation program, our focus is to get you OUT OF DEBT! If you are facing creditor calls, collection agency calls, more bills than money at the end of the month and the ongoing anxiety of financial hardship, our goal is to provide you with a debt management program geared to your income, expenses and elimination of a major source of stress. If you have overwhelming credit card debt, unsecured loans and are under financial pressure our debt consolidation programs can be your first step to a better financial future. For more information on our credit card debt consolidation program or any of our other services, contact us today.