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Family Counselling
Family Counselling


We are a community based agency that provides York region residents with a wide variety of professional counselling and support services for people of all ages, ethnicities and orientations who are facing and seeking assistance with critical difficulties in their lives.

We are committed to client-centered values and place an emphasis on strength, resiliency, and collaboration. Our intent is to provide a "one-stop" full-range counselling service for you and your family. Our goal is to help you in your effort for change and growth.



Family Counselling Services

Our compassionate and caring professional therapists are adept at providing confidential counseling/therapy services to individuals, couples and families that require help and support in dealing with changes, challenges and various everyday issues. These challenges may be the result of:

  • marriage breakdown
  • job layoff
  • mid-life crisis
  • accident or serious illness
  • the death of a close relative or friend
  • business or educational failure
  • other traumatic events


Our therapists address relationships, depression, parenting, dealing with teens, eating disorders, anger management, grief, anxiety, self esteem, just to name a few. Success is dependent on our ability to react to each issue professionally and uniquely, while providing our clients with a safe and non-judgmental environment. This approach has been integrated into the areas of marriage counselling,family mediation, anger management and other areas of counseling. Our marriage counselling and family mediation team has the expertise to identify these critical factors, providing insights that are conducive to both healing and development. Marriage counsellors work with the parties involved to ensure that a family rift can be repaired with the least amount of lasting damage for everybody involved. The most important step in any healing process identifying what is responsible for the damage. Allow our qualified therapists to be the beginning in this process so that any issue can reach its conclusion.

Family Mediation Services

Mediation can be used in wide range of situations, including relationships, family issues, family law, neighbourhood, commercial and workplace disputes, parent/adolescent conflicts, problems at school and issues concerning care of the elderly. Our qualified mediators can provide a cost-effective alternative dispute resolution means. Within family mediation our service ensures that arbitration and litigation are last resorts for family conflict resolution.

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