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Youth Referral Program
Youth Referral Program

The Youth Referral Program is a referral-based program that is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth.

The program offers an alternative path for adolescents aged 12-17 years charged with minor offences. Referrals are accepted by way of York Regional Police Services only.

Adolescents who are able to meet the specific criteria are eligible to work with their assigned counsellor towards completing a program within a three month period. The service aims to be a replacement for the court system in order to proactively avoid unnecessary penalty for youth involved in minor offences.

With a sufficient amount of effort and determination the program offers a second chance for adolescents who find themselves in need of guidance.

The program is the perfect way to gain a new perspective while conquering the milestones that are integral to self growth.

The assigned counsellor will work with the youth as he/she embraces the chance to start over on better terms in an environment that is conducive to ongoing success. Adolescents who complete the program will have avoided an unnecessary repercussion with the legal system as they work towards a life free from conflict with the law. 

Whether the youth is looking to give back to the community, find employment, apologize and learn from their incident or improve their academics all aspects of our program are beneficial to those who have the proper determination.

When the program is completed there are no formal charges and the requirement for a criminal record will be void.

For members of our youth in need of a second chance our program will serve as the first line of defense in the pursuit of a better future.