Credit Cards

This collection of Credit Card blogs contain helpful information for everyone interested in the topic of credit. Credit card debt is the main reason why people get into financial trouble. Credit cards are easily accessible, widely used and carry some of the highest interest rates in the industry. Our certified credit counsellors provide advice to clients, daily. We publish blogs often on matters that our clients commonly need help with. We encourage you to visit often. Our Mission & Mandate Our mission is to enrich the quality of family life for anyone who lives or works in York Region. Accordingly, our mandate is to assist individuals and families to find appropriate solutions for their financial concerns through counselling, referral and education. We operate on the following principles: Maintaining the dignity, integrity and confidentiality of each client; Having the client participate fully in the development and operation of her/his program; Recognizing the client’s basic physical and social needs; Recognizing the creditor’s civil and legal rights; Involving the community in planning, financing, management and evaluation of each service;