Credit Counselling

Take Control of your Debt with Credit Counselling

Debt can be crippling. It can impact your life, your health and emotional well being.  And debt problems can happen to anyone. Even when you are careful about your spending, a sudden life event such as an illness,  a marital breakup or a job loss can suck you down a spiral of uncontrollable debt. The good news is debt problems are manageable.  Our credit counselling services offer a variety of solutions that can alleviate much of your stress about money from the very first meeting.

The most common types of debt people get into trouble with are mounting credit card bills, the exorbitant interest rates that go along with them and stretched out lines of credit.

Our credit counsellors can help.  We’ll work with your circumstances to develop manageable solutions for your debt.

You can take control of your debt.  We’ll show you how at a free consultation.

Credit Counselling – How we can help.

Family & Credit Counselling Services of York Region is a not-for-profit agency with certified credit counsellors on staff to help you take control of your debt.  We’ve got your back, so don’t worry. Our credit counselling sessions are non-judgmental, easy and of course, entirely confidential.

There are three simple steps involved to get you to the other side and on your way to debt free living.

Call us and let’s make an appointment for a chat.