Community Support

As a blended community based organization, in addition to credit counselling and debt management, we also provide family counselling and mediation services for families, couples and individuals in crisis.  In addition, on a referral basis, we counsel and support individuals and youth who have had collisions with the law.

Family Counselling

There can be nothing more distressing to families than the unit falling apart because of disputes between family members. Sometimes a life event, like a job loss, can escalate into a marital breakdown, parent/ adolescent conflicts, stress with elder care etc. All of these quickly spiral downwards and cause deep rifts within the family unit.

Our therapists are professionally trained in family counselling. They provide services for depression, grief, parenting, eating disorders, anger management, anxiety and self-esteem, to name a few.  We provide you with a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space to resolve underlying issues related to :

  • job loss grief management
  • marriage breakdown
  • mid-life crisis
  • accident or serious illness
  • the death of a close relative or friend
  • business or educational failure
  • other traumatic events

We help you identify the critical focus areas that need attention and healing.  And we work with you to mend family rifts with the least amount of lasting damage.

Mediation Services

Our mediation services are a cost effective way for resolving disputes before you turn to lawyers and courts for solutions. Our mediators are trained to manage a wide variety of issues. They include family arguments, negotiating separation agreements, managing parent/adolescent conflicts etc.  They can also be used to resolve disagreements between neighbours.

And furthermore, our mediation services can also be accessed for workplace and commercial disagreements as a viable first step toward reaching common ground and resolutions.

Community Service Orders

Man holding a recycling Bin at a park clueanup | Community Services

We facilitate court-mandated Community Service Orders for individuals through a program which is funded by the Ministry of Correctional Services.

To make amends for their offenses, we match candidates with suitable programs within the community.  They offer the individual an opportunity for reflection and self-growth to cultivate a life-long sense of purpose.

This is a referral only service by probation officers at the Ministry of Correctional Services.

Youth Referral Program

Teenage Volunteer smiling and giving a Thumbs up | Family counselling | Youth Referral Services

Similarly, the Ministry of Children and Youth funds our Youth Referral Program.  We assist adolescents age 12 -17, referred to us by York Regional Police Services. These are youth charged with minor offences. They are offered an important second chance towards a life free from conflict with the law.

Each youth is assigned a counsellor for 3-months.  We help them with their goals, whether they are to give back to the community, find employment, improve their academics or apologize and learn from their incident. They are provided counselling to avoid future repercussions with the legal system.  At the end of the program, formal charges against them are removed and there is no criminal record.

As a child, youth or young person receiving services under the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017, (CYFSA) you have rights that must be respected and a voice that must be heard. The aim of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 is to be consistent with and build upon the principles expressed in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Learn more about your rights as a child, youth or young person.

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