Personal Finance


This category contains blogs we publish on the topic of personal finance. Authored by our qualified credit counsellors, readers will find useful information here to manage household budgets and personal finance. We publish blogs regularly and invite you to visit.


Family and Credit Counselling Services, a blended community-based agency is a non profit offering debt counselling & management as well as family/individual support services within York region. Also a registered charity, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that oversees our operations. They come with legal,  financial, entrepreneurial and human resources backgrounds, well qualified to provide us with insight and advice to serve the needs of our community. Our mission is to enrich the quality of family life for anyone who lives or works in York Region.  Accordingly, our mandate is to assist individuals and families to find appropriate solutions for their financial concerns through counselling, referral and education. We operate on the following principles:
  • Maintaining the dignity, integrity and confidentiality of each client;
  • Having the client participate fully in the development and operation of her/his program;
  • Recognizing the client’s basic physical and social needs;
  • Recognizing the creditor’s civil and legal rights;
  • Involving the community in planning, financing, management and evaluation of each service;
We are located in Thornhill ON, next door to Thornhill Community Centre.