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Credit Counselling

Credit Counselling Services are available to help you overcome your debt and get you and your financial health back on track.

We will assist you to pay out your debts with reduced monthly installments and lowered rates of interest.

As a provider of credit counselling, our counsellors are fully licensed and experienced in helping individuals and families in York Region and throughout the GTA get out of debt. By means of our specialized credit counselling and debt management programs, you are able to set your financial plans in order and get worry free. In fact, regardless of type of debt issues you encounter, we can assist. Our credit counsellors know how to deal with creditors like banks and finance companies. They will never judge you or pressure you. They will be understanding and respectful and will never try to take advantage of you and your money situation.

Family & Credit Counselling Services has been serving the community for over 40 years. Being an authorized Canadian charity, we offer free credit counselling to every clients as the majority of our expenses are paid out by means of financial companies, banks and so on.

Family Counselling

At Family & Credit Counselling Services we are committed to providing quality professional counselling services that are compassionate, sensitive, confidential, reliable and accessible.

It's not easy to make changes in personal life, especially in today's scenario of busy and fast paced world where there is little time left for personal needs and self growth.

Our family counselling therapists have a lot to offer in helping you to meet the challenges you are facing, whether they are personal or career-related in nature.

Conflict and discord in the home, at work, with friends or with extended family can damage many of our relationships. Family counselling with a licensed and skilled therapist can help find common ground, and begin the restoration and healing process.

We provide family counselling to Individuals, couples & families that require help and support in dealing with changes, challenges and various everyday issues.

Our therapy and family counselling services address relationships, depression, parenting, dealing with teens, eating disorders, as well as providing mediation services.